Planning for Winnipeg, 2019: An Interview with Conference Chair Calvin Hawley

As IPAC Manitoba plans the 2019 IPAC National Conference, we explore what it’s like for a regional group to plan a 400-500 person conference that is international in scope.  This month, an interview with conference chair Calvin Hawley .


What motivates someone to take on chairing a national conference?

I feel very strongly that we all have a responsibility to give back to our communities and share our experience and knowledge in ways that benefit others.  I have been an active volunteer for more than 20 years in a variety of settings – many of them sport-related.  This opportunity attracted me for a couple of reasons.  It was a chance to offer and apply my experience and skills in putting together a non-sport event.  I also believe strongly in the value of the public service and the importance of providing good, relevant public services to citizens.  This conference, and having a hand in shaping its focus, is a great opportunity to support the ongoing development of those services and the people who provide them.

What should people look forward to about the 2019 National conference?

I think the most exciting element of this conference will be the opportunity to learn from the practical experience of colleagues across the public sector and be able to acquire knowledge and lessons learned that we can take back to our respective workplaces and apply immediately.  While research and policy have been traditional pillars of focus for the IPAC conference – and will continue to be important elements – the exposure to on-the-ground experience and initiatives from across the public sector is more important than ever.

What will be different about the 2019 National conference?

I think there will be a couple of unique aspects to the 2019 Conference.  We want to encourage IPAC regions across the country to bring their experiences and success stories to our conference, and I think Manitoba’s central location lends itself to that.  Also, as I noted above there will be a focus giving attendees and delegates tools and knowledge that they can take home with them and put into practice immediately.  Public sector transformation is in motion across the board, and at all levels – we want to give people who come to the conference the tools and knowledge they need to help drive that transformation and be active participants in it.

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