2019 Conference Planning – What’s new?

If we here at IPAC Manitoba know believe one thing, it’s that people are dying to know more about how planning for the 2019 Conference is going!

We jest, of course, but while things may seem quiet, there’s a lot going on below the surface.  Hey, when it’s -40 you’re not distracted by outdoor pursuits!


Our Conference planning survey has now wrapped up and our team is busy analyzing the results.  Over 200 people from across Canada participated, and we’re already learning important information about what they want in a conference.  For instance:

  • People ranked sessions with public service practitioners as their number one type of session.
  • lot of people want to visit the Human Rights Museum while they’re in Winnipeg.
  • A majority of people prefer to use a conference app to organize their experience.

We even learned important logistical details about things like the ‘right’ length of sessions and breaks!  All of this helps us plan a conference that meets people’s needs.

Conference App

Speaking of which, we’re finalizing discussions with a major provider to design a conference application for the 2019 conference.  Gone are the days of bulky stacks of papers that get increasingly dog-eared as the conference goes on!  With the app, you’ll be able to register for sessions, find all the details you might need, and connect with other attendees.   We’re very excited for you to try it!

Conference Site and Registration

Our communications and marketing team have been working hard with the folks at IPAC National to design a 2019 conference site.  The site should launch soon, so keep an eye open for our announcement in the next few weeks.  Registration will follow soon after!

Program Planning

This is the biggie, and the one that most people are interested in.  We already told you about our outstanding champions, but just in case you forgot, they are:

Public Sector Transformation

Fred Meier- Clerk of Executive Council, Province of Manitoba

Reconciliation in Action

Loretta Ross- Treaty Commissioner, Treaty Relations Commission of Manitoba

Innovation and Disruption

Scott Sinclair- Deputy Minister, Manitoba Crown Services and Central Services

Digital Government

Munna Zaman- Chief Information Officer– Business Transformation and Technology Manitoba

Our programs team is looking over draft programs right now, and we hope to have big announcements soon!

As always, if you have any questions, you can contact us through any of our channels, but to keep it simple, send a message to Manitoba@Ipac.ca.

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