National Volunteer Week – Celebrating those making the IPAC conference possible

Jessica Drakul is the Chair of the Board of IPAC Manitoba and a long-time volunteer with IPAC and many other organizations. 

So, have you seen it?  Our conference website, of course!

You probably saw our exciting announcement last week that registration is now open for the 71st IPAC National Conference this summer in Winnipeg.  If you haven’t yet, check the website.  It’s constantly being updated as we confirm speakers, events, and sessions.

The launch of registration is a very important milestone in conference planning for us.  It’s something like a half-way marker to the conference, except half-way marker isn’t quite right.  The earliest planning on this conference began in 2015 (!), and we’ve had our major committees in place for the last year.

April 7-13 is National Volunteer Week, and the timing couldn’t be better.  Planning for the 2019 conference would not have gotten anywhere without our team of tireless volunteers.  Our entire team so far have been ordinary public servants who wanted to step up to the plate.  Many of them also hold other roles on our IPAC Manitoba board, and of course they also have jobs, families, hobbies…

For the most part, our planning team is happy to work behind the curtain.  I promise you, no one spends a year and a half volunteering on a public administration conference for the glory!  But for this National Volunteer Week, I want to share the names of our Core Planning Committee members.

Calvin Hawley (Conference Chair)

Jessica Drakul (IPAC MB Chair)

Guy Gordon (Programs)

Samuel Sogeke (Programs)

Laurie Monk (Logistics)

Emmet Collins (Communications and Marketing)

Keji Fatoki (Logistics)

Scott Edwards (Communications and Marketing)

Brent Gibson (Finance)

Lailanie Pelayo (Volunteer Coordination)

Melissa Toews (Sponsorship)

Megan Prydun (Volunteer Coordination)

Scott Graham-Derham (Sponsorship)

And this list doesn’t even get into all the members of sub-committees!

I really can’t stress enough how thankful I am to be working with these people.  It’s a lot easier to give of your own time when you work with passionate people who are doing the same thing.

By the way, if you want to volunteer for the conference, you can sign up here.

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