Upcoming IPAC Manitoba Events – Jan-Feb 2022

IPAC Manitoba is pleased to announced three upcoming events in January and February 2022.

Lunch & Learn with the Condo Award Winners

January 26, 12-1PM

Every year, IPAC Manitoba awards the best papers written in political science or public administration with the Condo Award. Join this panel discussion to hear from the 2021 winners. Featuring:

Meagan Greentree – “Modernizing the Governance of Passenger Vessel Operations in the Canadian Arctic”

Vanessa Vertz – “Examining Welfare Regimes at the Subnational Level: A Roadmap to Universal Childcare and the Reduction of Inequality in Canada”

Yutaka Dirks – “Streaming Policy Change: Examining Models of policy decision making using a case study of housing related poverty and legislative reform”

Thinking with Data

January 27, 1-2:30PM

Led by Matthew Cook, Senior Data Scientist with the Manitoba Government, this presentation will discuss how to make sense of vast amounts of data through summaries, how to visualize and quantify the relationship between variables, and how to think about the most common data analysis problems. 

Data Visualization in R

February 17, 1-2:30PM

Also led by Matthew Cook, this session will provide hands on experience visualizing data using R using the ggplot2 package and will build directly on the Introduction to R workshop

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