IPAC Manitoba elects 2020-21 Board of Directors

The Institute of Public Administration of Canada – Manitoba Region, is pleased to announce its new board, elected at the AGM held May 28th, 2020:  

Emmet Collins, Chair

Angie Conrad, Vice Chair

Lailanie Pelayo, Secretary

Brent Gibson, Treasurer

Stéfanie Allard, Programs Chair

Michelle Holigroski, Communications Chair

Khrystyna Lazar, New Professionals Chair

Andrea Rounce, University Relations Chair

Kendell Joiner, Service to Members Chair

Dina Juras, Lieutenant Governor’s Chair

Samuel Sogeke, Director

Stephanie Turmaine-Bushie, Director

Lila De Vera, Director

Rowena Castro, Director

Jessica Drakul, Past Chair

Joanne Zuk, Ex-officio representative of the Office of the Manitoba Clerk of the Executive Council

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